The PlanEngage platform can provide value to any industry

PlanEngage's unique features adapt to needs of your project across its lifecycle.

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For all kinds of sectors

No matter where you use PlanEngage, you can ensure your team’s project is collaborative and centralized.

Energy and Renewables

PlanEngage, AECOM’s online reporting and engagement solution, is designed to help energy organizations and their key stakeholders to plan, monitor, report and communicate key information about their energy projects.

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PlanEngage makes it easy to collaborate in the planning and delivery of reliable water infrastructure, while also keeping communities informed at every stage of the project.

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Effective environmental planning on major projects is critical, but it is difficult to communicate environmental impacts to the public

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The construction industry is at the forefront of modernizing, expanding, and delivering the most iconic and complex structures ever conceived, but to do so it is reliant on efficient engagement with a range of key participants throughout the design and approvals process.

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Urban planning

Provide evaluation and analysis for planning applications, desk studies, EIS, investigation reports for engineering, environment, transport, architecture and urban design projects.

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As populations grow, change, and develop, so do the demands for safe, efficient, clean and cost-effective transportation.

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Program Management

Create a centralized information management platform for multiple projects of any duration. Ideal for long-term, multi-disciplinary programs across many sites.

Sustainability, Climate Action and Resilience

Share the planned development process via effective outreach and engagement strategies to enhance participation and improve outcomes. Share Carbon Dioxide (CO2) transportation and storage projects.


Generate design manuals, reports and sustainability guides.