Transforming the way we prepare and share information with the communities we serve.

PlanEngage makes technical reports and data easily accessible, interactive and highly visual for improved engagement, faster project permitting, and better environmental and social outcomes.

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Searching for a user-friendly platform to bring all your project information together more efficiently?
PlanEngage allows you to create, access, and share project materials in a collaborative, dynamic online environment, making those complex technical reports easier to digest.
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Is your project information currently accessible to everyone?
Be transparent with PlanEngage. This online, user-friendly platform gives everyone the opportunity to have their say. More effective communication leads to more informed feedback from diverse perspectives and better project outcomes as a result.
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Struggling to stay on top of project feedback?
Stay in control with PlanEngage. With built-in feedback forms and drop-pin map feedback, you’ll be able to collect all your feedback in one location and manage your responses.
Customer Stories

"We have been impressed with AECOM’s digital platform, due to its ability to make complicated Sustainability Appraisal information both visually-engaging and easy to follow.

Community participation is one of Uttlesford District Council’s corporate priorities, so we have been encouraged by the first consultation exercise and look forward to working with AECOM on the upcoming consultation associated with our draft Local Plan."

Luke Mills
New Communities Senior Planning Officer
Uttlesford District Council
Uttlesford District Council Local Plan
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"PlanEngage is ideal for remote working conditions as it allows the user to explore details of the scheme in an easy way and is the perfect tool for us to share information with our many stakeholders.

This is a real step forward in making our permitting application more transparent and accessible."

Anne-Marie Rogers
National Highways Senior Project Manager and Permitting Workstream Lead,
National Highways
A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet
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How it works

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Collaborative development
Collaboratively develop project materials in an online, dynamic environment with aligned GIS data.
Organize key information
Organize key information into easily digestible, easily accessible, visual-based formats.
project review workflows, approvals and QA
Complete project review workflows, approvals and QA in the online collaborative environment.
Share reports
Share reports with stakeholders and communities on a visually appealing, user-friendly platform instead of bulky, static PDFs.
Collect feedback from community members
Collect sentiment and structured feedback from community members and stakeholders.
live project updates
Provide live project updates, linked dashboards and project visuals throughout the project.

PlanEngage supports communication consistency, enhanced collaboration, regulatory compliance, improved accessibility and transparency.

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