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Effective environmental planning on major projects is critical, but it is difficult to communicate environmental impacts to the public

PlanEngageTM, from Digital AECOM, changes this. PlanEngage is an online platform that includes visually rich before-and-after sliders, visualizations, GIS maps with pop-up features, address search and interactivity, a range of reporting features that simplifies the presentation of complex environmental reports that are visually appealing and easy to navigate.

NEPA and Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation

Site permissions allow project teams to securely access PlanEngage and collaborate on the creation of environmental reports, reducing issues with version control, transferring documents and mapping files and streamlining the overall review process.

PlanEngage also provides regulators, infrastructure providers, designers and consultants with the ability to meet specific state and national environmental regulations. , including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Assessment (EA), Review of Environmental Factors (REF), Environmental Effect Statements (EES) and Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE), among others.

Accessible and equitable

PlanEngage is easily accessible through a web based platform and provides the ability to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 5.0 AA and Section 508). PlanEngage is mobile accessible so communities can view and respond to environmental impact reports and proposed project changes, and eliminate reading hard-copy documents in libraries or navigating ‘flat’ PDF documents.

Facilitate high quality public comments and stakeholder engagement

Feedback from communities can be easily collected in PlanEngage in a targeted and geographically specific way. As the platform integrates directly with existing community engagement platforms such as Consultation Manager and Dynamics 365, teams can dramatically streamline their engagement and consultation programs and stakeholder management.

Environmental use cases
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Public, community, and stakeholder engagement

Ensure community buy-in for projects with enhanced public involvement and consultation processes. Engage with project stakeholders including regulators, state and federal agencies, clients and contractors.

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Reporting and Monitoring (air, water, soil) icon
Reporting and Monitoring (air, water, soil)

Report on long-term monitoring of sites with interactive dashboards and one central monitoring location. Link field data, compile, analyze and create reporting tasks.

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ESG Analysis and Reporting

Analyze sites and scenarios, existing conditions and the potential for disproportionate effects; create engagement strategies; and monitor the environmental impact of projects.

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