As populations grow, change, and develop, so do the demands for safe, efficient, clean and cost-effective transportation.

PlanEngageTM, an online project collaboration solution from Digital AECOM, makes it easier for project teams to communicate around the design, planning, operation, maintenance, and refurbishment of transport systems throughout their design and operational lifecycle.

Improved transport planning

PlanEngage helps transportation designers, planners, managers, and operators to visualize, collaborate and share project information in a simple, secure, and easy-to-use web-based platform. It removes the industry’s long-standing reliance on static Word or PDF documents for essential documentation, creating an online, interactive, and engaging document workspace.

Transformation of static reports

PlanEngage transforms static reports by integrating rich data, with 2D and 3D interactive GIS mapping and advanced graphic visualizations, without compromising any of the rigour and detail within written reports. Complex projects become more understandable as PlanEngage can transform entire large, complex documents into interactive online websites, allowing users to explore details that are relevant to them from any web-enabled device.

NEPA and Environmental Impact Regulation

PlanEngage allows regulators, agencies, and consultants to publish project-related documentation that meet environmental regulation requirements from all over the world, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Assessment (EA). The document creation and approvals workflow is centralized and secure, so agencies can streamline the creation, submission and review process – removing issues with version control, transferring documents and mapping files and improving review processes.

Accessible and equitable access

PlanEngage also makes it easy for organizations to meet equality of access requirements through accessible design by complying with Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 5.0 AA and Section 508). Accessibility is increased further by helping organizations communicate with the public online, moving away from traditional hard-copy documents located in public libraries or government offices.

The Interactive Environmental Impact Study was a first for ADOT and the State of Arizona, and it was a huge accomplishment for the I-11 study team. The number of views that it has received has clearly demonstrated its value to ADOT and shown the necessity to implement this kind of interactive tool for other studies.

Steven Olmsted, ADOT Program Delivery Manager

Transportation use cases
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Provide information that achieves best-practice accessibility ratings, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA rating and Section 508.

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Reporting and Monitoring (air, water, soil) icon
Reporting and Monitoring (air, water, soil)

Report on long-term monitoring of sites with interactive dashboards and one central monitoring location. Link field data, compile, analyze and create reporting tasks.

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Online report production

Create environmental, scoping, PEI, ES, NTS, baseline and technical reports, Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and site assessment and remediation reporting.

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